Healthcare Over The Years

Healthcare is one of the largest and most important industries in the world. It aids us in living more comfortable and longer lives. Healthcare has been detrimental in creating a healthier and more aware world. This was not the same many years ago. People were not aware of sicknesses and diseases and therefore carefree.

In historic times people never really stopped to think about their health. There were many sicknesses spreading and many people got sick and die. One of the worse diseases, the Black Death was because people were unaware that oriental rat fleas that lived on the back of rats were causing this. There was no exact figure given as a death toll but it was believed to be around 75 to 200 million. People began believing this happened due to curses and many other factors while the disease continued spreading.

As technology progressed people began understanding diseases more and more. People found cures to common diseases by using different types of medication using herbs. Some diseases such as leprosy were incurable at the time. Further they were highly contagious and the diseased were usually sent to live among the other lepers.

More advances were made when it came to pasteurisation and the fact that preventing a disease was better than cure. It was identified that boiling water or milk before consumption would be beneficial for the health because it killed all germs that were present. Especially during wartime hospitals were dirty places and soldiers would easily die from an infection. People learnt about the importance of keeping things clean and there were lots of advances on surgery.

Today technology has brought us so far. We have pills like Celergen in Switzerland that slow aging and lifesaving complicated operations done easily. Before when there was an outbreak of disease many millions suffered before something wad done about it. The Spanish flu was one of the most devastating diseases that spread and claimed many lives. Today this kind of issue would cause the world to react as soon as it is detected and work on a cure.

Diseases such as small pox have been completely eradicated due to medicine. Many ailments are also easily cured. Cancers are detected early and an AIDS patient can live as long as an average person. This has made much easier for everyone. It has also made life comfortable for us. There are many on-going researches to improve the healthcare sector such as stem cell research, Nano technology and artificial body parts. All these are aimed to better are life and create a disease free world.